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Friday, November 20, 2009

Eye see

Well it is one of those trips that I had been putting off. The trip to the optometrist. But all in all not a bad adventure today. I had no appointment but like the fact that I impulsively cleaned the grout lines and washed the fan blades today I walked on in and said help. Kara Nguyen is a really nice lady and her team was great. I was really appreciating all the information she was giving me until the glaucoma test. The solution and then the yellow dye and they still freaking burn hours later.

But I did the extra testing they have that is electronic and shows peripheral vision loss. She strongly advised it due to the strokes and it may have been and extra $25 but the end result is absolutely no vision loss in that area. Actually I had one false positive response and I knew it as it happened and pointed it out. Thus another 100 for Philip. I am wondering if I should get another A on my report card for that one.

Kara did give me some rather interesting information about what happens to the eye after 40 and the hardening of the lens within the eye. Thus the need for bifocals for some and she sees that in my future but today it was still that my lenses were changing in prescription but I pretty much still need to only wear them for driving and maybe watching a movie in the theater or some function in a large hall where the stage is far away. I knew that the prescription needed to be adjusted but I am glad that for right now I do not need anything for reading.

She also walked through the fact that the eyes can also have a stroke and I did not know that. That the eye can have its own stroke. But she thought I should know in light of what I have gone through. I need to read up more on that one.

So glasses ordered and should be in the first part of next week. Thus my eyes can continue to see.

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