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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where ... time ... when ???

Well it has been a few days hasn't it. It seems to have flown by for me and there are still so many things on my to do list I ... wait ... sorry there were three things that I had thought about adding to my board today that I just had to add now before I forgot ... now where was I ... oh yes, so many things on the list that we all probably have to do at this time of the year yet I have so little time. There is so much happening at work, so many cultures of the business I am trying to impact, training programs I am creating that need to start this week with a new employee and possibly another new one in the week ahead.

Personally I like the thought of giving people a job right before Christmas.

Work has been so full though. When I finished working on my payroll information for last week I realized I worked every day (not all full shifts though). Too much ... or is it?

This was me as a store manager for most of my adult life. Working 12-16 hour days and being really involved in the process every day. I thrive on this on some sick level. The season I truly despise for the commercial retail driven chaos that it has become was also the season of make or break for many business that are consumer driven. Thus the busiest and surprisingly when I happen to be at my most comfortable level. I settle in ... time slows down yet there is never enough time. Things explode and I bow out of the shock wave and roll with the curls of the ocean waves riding just ahead of the break while observing the cacophony of stress around me.

I love to snatch people up in my teams at this time of the year when they are about to explode and help them diffuse. Part of why I have planned lots of little events for my team in the coming weeks to allow the stranglehold of pressure to loosen and their creative energies flow.

I just don't buy presents anymore and that removes me from the terrible thought of having to face that some level of agoraphobia I seem to exhibit in malls and big box stores. Such a level of stress is done. The few items for the nieces and nephew have been taken care of a while ago. I did Christmas cards this year and well that is about it for the money flow and for the need to subject myself to unnecessary stress. I should probably use one of the Border's reward coupons they keep sending me to see if I can find one of my Zen calendars. First thing on a Monday morning would be good with a cup of green tea.

Have I been wandering in this post? Should I read back over it and see if it makes sense. Nah. Let it be. I have my moments of letting people see the wandering mind and then it all slams shut and gets locked up once again.

Sigh I need to find some time to research that which I have been discovering about stroke patients. I need to look into the facts about the 2 year rule of the largest strides all happen within 2 years ... gives me about 3 months before that time is up. I have read a few things that support what I believe ... you just have to work a little bit harder after those two years to gain more in the world of improvement.

I'm here. Challenged a little bit to keep on top of the blog and social media world, but I know that the real world around me, the world within me and the family and friends I have, can see and touch, talk to and laugh with are more important than the blog world, the social media buzz will be the first that I shut out.

So I raise my bottle of water (these really great stainless steel bottles were half off at World Market last week and are awesome) in a toast to the aspect of time - that you and I will have some in the days ahead for our peace of minds, chilling with the season and living a little bit of this precious gift of life.


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"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." – Buddha