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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Phew - today is done

I thought the day would never end as it started last night with things breaking and updates in the middle of the night and then chasing the rabbit in the morning and ... OH IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I must be messed up in the head because only when it slowed down at 3:30ish this afternoon did I get to take a breath and realize the day had just become a bore. Yep I like that pace and frenzy as I get to step in and attempt to instigate calmness.

Now however I am feeling the last two weeks. I pushed it hard after coming out of surgery and then ran full tilt tried to take a break this weekend but may have left that a little to late. I did a couple of miles around the gardens yesterday and it was hard. Torso hurts. Today the feet and ankles ache but I attribute part of that as I left work in slacks, shirt, tie and leather shoes and all I did was pull off the tie when I made an impromptu stop at the gardens. 

Oh well. I will walk in our Lupus fundraiser this weekend but I may be way at the back of the pack and I am just fine with that. By the way our team totally rocks with the huge leaps and bounds they have made this week in getting to our goal. 

See ya.

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