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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tomato 101 ... or ... "Tomato Policy"

So I walk out of the pastoral center this evening after a divorce and beyond meeting laughing my ass off. Was I not taking this seriously or laughing at others pain and anguish. I am not that evil thank you very much. No I was laughing at a text ...

"Hope phone's on vibrate! Terri looks forward to seeing you Sunday! What's your tomato policy again? ...."

OMG I did not know I had a tomato policy but come to think of it I do. So I called my beloved to have some fun with this and then after chatting with the girls I actually decided I needed some ingredients from the store. So I saunter on into Tom Thumb and start acquiring what I need.

Only to turn around at one point and face this display. Ahhh the tomatoes are everywhere.

OK here is my tomato policy ... created in the year "blah blah blah" by someone who was less coherent than I.

  1. I will not actively seek the comfort of a tomato in a store by purchasing it.
  2. Nor will I actively grow said fruit/vegetable (yes so many people go one way or the other here).
  3. I will only pontificate in the grocery store if there is a recipe that calls for said red object. 
  4. Or if for some reason the people I am with have requested those red things. 
  5. I will not however pass them up when they are applied to a sandwich, or served in salad or pasta or other type creation that is presented to me. 
  6. It should be noted that if I have the choice of adding tomato myself (from like a salad bar or condiment bar) I will always defer to the most succulent of ripe tomato or choose the wonderful cherry or romano tomato. 
  7. I will not defer from buying prepared tomatoes in the form of crushed, stewed, paste, chopped etc. 
  8. Final quirk of mine with tomatoes ... you may easily find me pouring a liberal amount of pepper on a wedge or thick chunky slice and indulging this way. 

Does that cover all that you can think about with my "tomato policy"?

Gotta have a little humor in your day right? Thanks sweetheart for giving me a good chuckle and laugh this evening. Love ya.

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