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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is what transpired

~~ yes ... to the family members who got the email you will recognize but one handed typing takes time so I cannibalized ~~

hello all,

if you have not garnered already my introduction into new year was extremely pleasant and then rapidly cut short. please tolerate no caps and any small issues with grammar as I am the one handed typist. but I wanted to fill you all in n what transpired, where I was and the impact to facets of my life.

for new years I had come down to see Tammy as I had the chance to see some of the people who are an integral part of her life at an alcohol free event. this led to an extremely late new years morning and a lazy day ... where I developed a migraine. took some medicine and pretty much slept on and off for the rest of the day.

one factor that could attribute ... my cpap was not hooked up in the bedroom thus I did not sleep with it.

I found out Saturday morning that the handle to the working toilet had broken and ventured to Katy hardware to get one and a monkey wrench. this is the fateful area. I left the store, was over the doormat and about to the edge of that one level step when my feet just disappeared and I knew there was no way to recover. plus there is that slight factor of the incline at those front parking spots.

now I knew it hurt and everyone came out but I was just laughing at the stupidity of myself and told all that I was ok. I did the quick assessment and nothing registered as broken so I finished up by getting gas and heading back. I got Tammy to make an ice pack that I had intended to use on my thigh but put on the arm instead. then I popped three Tylenol and fixed the toilet ... tried to figure out the pressure issue with the shower. once done I relaxed and noticed that pain in arm was escalating to a point that was going over the threshold of my bad back pain and asked Tammy to take me to Katy Herman (sp) to get an x-ray. good thing as it is broken.

popped pills, slept overnight and then headed back here to work on Sunday. sorry but I am a one handed driver and cannot answer my phone or respond to text when driving.

so saw Dr. Garcia after much teeth gnashing and cursing at dentists that wanted to charge me for not giving 24 hours notice (on a weekend when they have no option to do that). he was immediately concerned that with my continued weight loss (9 lbs since the end of October and I was wearing this cast and boots) my blood pressure was too low. in the dentists chair it had been 102/60(something) and we all know that bp goes up in dentist chairs. he is pretty sure that this drop in bp was the cause ... so we are adjusting meds and the good news is that the two of the 40.00 a month meds are leaving.

his other concern is my thigh. I pretty much have deep tissue hematoma going on there and with me on Aggrenox I have to keep icing that down to shrink the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. as he predicted the color started showing up today but the thigh muscle has been trashed so I have to take it easy or it will just give out on me.

what a joyous mess right?

so now I go to see Dr Daniels on Friday at 10:15 to see what the heck I need to do with this arm. 

meanwhile I find myself stymied at some of the things that have suddenly become so hard. how to pull on underwear and pants with only one hand. how to shower the right side of my body with my right hand. for that fact putting on deodorant under the right arm. how to close my front door and lock it ... it has always been a two hand job as you have to pull the door as you turn the key. hanging up sweaters on a rack to dry. even opening mail is a chore. I accurately guessed that everything would take twice as long for me to do and that is even underestimating some of the time frames.

but it is the situation that I am faced with now. this is what happens when you brag about not having a broken bone ... someone decides you need to be humbled.  it has impacted all of my plans for the month but we must adapt, be humbled, realize our limitations and move on.

it is 2010. I have a wonderful woman whom I love. I have an incredible family whom I love. I have wonderful cyber-friends.  I am humbled while being blessed.

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