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may I be I is the only prayer - not may I be great or good or beautiful or wise or strong. ~e.e. cummings

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Morning Goodness

Sometimes when you are feeling under the weather or a little bit blue it is time to break out the comfort foods that you so often avoid.

Catch here is that they are reduced fat but I should still have no more than one.

....or two.

....or NO NO stop there. :)


  1. ps. Tanya where is my strawberry soda? Are you going to pick me up one on the way to the store? Yes you got me hooked on that one comfort vice when sick. Problem is I still have a 12 pack (9 cans left) of diet coke from a couple of weekends ago in my fridge as I just don't do soda anymore. But if I get really sick I know I will be requesting a strawberry soda. :)

  2. You could take the diet cokes out for now, put them back in when you know company's coming. ;-) I'll file that away for future reference ... Philip likes strawberry soda when ill.

    I don't see how you can have any fewer than three of those. Especially if the icing is cream cheese.

  3. No I had my two...I know there is going to be a lot of junk at work today. It is appreciation of the team day and I think my boss is going heavy on the sugar side. So temptations abound.

    I am just hoping that he does not do pizza for lunch. I became a non fan of pizza a few years ago. I just like it once every month or so.

    So in part this comfort food was to assist me with the day and ignoring those other temptations. The other 6 are now packed away to tempt me another day.



"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." – Buddha