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may I be I is the only prayer - not may I be great or good or beautiful or wise or strong. ~e.e. cummings

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What the ...

Yep I agree young one ... if you are on a track heading to this town at this speed and there is another train heading to the town you just came from at this speed how long until they get to their destination. Ummm teacher what about when they hit in the FREAKING MIDDLE. Not in word problem world does that happen.

In the real world a favorite uncle is in the hospital with organs not functioning as they should, a heart with a bacterial infection and then 36 hours into his stay he has a stroke. They have to rush him to another hospital do perform surgery and stem the blood loss. While another uncle has an accident with a wooden stake and a brick wall that ends up in lacerations and stitches and he is almost 40 years older than I. Then the third uncle on that little island across the Atlantic ocean still has no diagnosis on why the white blood cells are up and ability to breathe is down.

Ahhh the wonderful world of socialized medicine in the UK. All we can do here is head to the respective places of faith, light a candle, offer Karma, have a mass said and then answer questions, if they are ever asked, as you have been through part of this and help others recognize the good signs when they happen.

Fun fun week. Now when where those trains getting where ever they were going with a few bushels of cantaloupes? I am on that train.

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