Monthly Affirmation

may I be I is the only prayer - not may I be great or good or beautiful or wise or strong. ~e.e. cummings

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Mucky Duck with my music crazed gal a couple of weeks ago in Houston (ain't nothing wrong with that - she loves her music and I love her). She was there getting tickets almost as soon as they came out so we where literally right on the stage (actually to the left side of the stage ... hmmm if you were looking at it from Mat's point of view we were on the right though). Nice evening, good music, great artist, excellent company, intimate setting ... yep all good.

Hey you gotta live, right? I mean what good is having a stroke and being on the edge, learning all you can, working on repairing yourself (hiccups here and there but making so many better choices nowadays) and if you do all that and you don't experience living what was it all for. Go out, do what you want to do and live. Live today. 


  1. Lyrics below but of course Mat tailored it for the crowd, for things that had happened that evening and for Houston. :)

    It's undeniable how brilliant you are
    In an unreliable world you shine like a star
    It's unforgettable now that we've come this far
    It's unmistakable that you're undeniable
    woo wooo wooooooooooohh!!

    February 5th, Friday morning, purple dawn,
    Broke a yawn, as I stepped through the fog, like I stepped to a song
    A moment like a poem, you wish you could hold it
    I shut my eyes like it's frozen, it's gone when I open
    It slipped past the clouds right there where it lingered
    Like your band and a girl could slip through your fingers
    My feet hit the ground like a beat for the lonely
    On a path beaten down by the crowds in the morning

    If only I could touch past the phony
    If only they were there now to hold me
    As the questions keep droning

    You're the only one who stuck it out last night
    The only other one who caught the other line
    You're the only one when this world collides
    The one that I can't deny


    It's my last year here
    My first class moved to portable 'A'
    Under construction since summer
    And it's cold today
    I can see my breath, and what's left of the west parking lot
    And all the spaces that we fought
    And it all seems forgotten, left in the bottom
    In past piles of rubble, in puddles of rain water
    That hurt last night when I left like that
    When I won't come back
    Speaking my peace to the past
    I can't help but wonder. who is this wind at my back
    A whisper to walk on, come on from all that

    You're the only one who stuck it out this time
    The only other one who caught the other line
    You're the only one when this world collides
    The one that I can't deny


    How we gonna take it away in this winter wind
    You found me on a summer breeze
    How am I gonna run away when the autumn breaks
    Now that you found me in the spring
    Come on and sing it out

    CHORUS x2

  2. We truly were "left" on the stage ... I was resting one foot on the edge of it! Wish we coulda been more center, but then again, if we had been, he would have spit on me instead of shaking my hand! :-)



"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." – Buddha