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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not about me ...

Our First Weekly Walk Challenge Winner is ... Sarah Chatterjee

Sarah (baby hog) and William

Sarah has already recruited 31 teammates to her team, the Butterfly Warriors. (Actually as of toady we are at 33 and have raised $695 with a goal for the team of $3000)


In her words, here is what she did to make it happen:
  1. Return to my previous walkers. They are tried and true.
  2. Ask new friends, co-workers etc. Anyone you've networked with in the last year that may want to help out.
  3. Have those people spread the word - anyone can join!
  4. Be sure to ask your walkers to invite their spouses and sign up their children. A lot of times they would show up anyway, so sign up and put a t-shirt on them!
  5. I have run across situations where people are afraid to commit to a date that far out. Explain to them that you understand circumstances may change and that some times things come up, but that you will understand. Their desire to help is most important.
  6. I NEVER pressure my team to raise money. This is my cause and I expect the majority of the funds to be raised by me. I let my team know that by walking by my side, they are showing their support. Money is tight now for everyone, so I stress the fact that the walk is free. If you can't donate or can't fund-raise, that's okay. Most of us can walk and by walking we are raising awareness.
  7. Talk openly about your Lupus. Our friends are often at a loss as to what we are going through and feel helpless. This is a way they can help and I think they appreciate the opportunity to show that they do worry and care.
  8. Surround yourself with AWESOME people. My closest friends push this walk as hard as I do.
  9. Last but not least, BEG! When your friends see how passionate you are about a cause, they want to join. It's contagious!

Congratulations, Sarah-winner of the Walker Gift Goodies Bag!

Way to go lady!!!

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  1. Hey all!

    Just a few things about the Lupus Walk:

    We currently have 33 individuals signed up to walk. This is AMAZING!!!! Granted, a lot of walkers will be under the age of 10, I'm still thrilled! What better way to get little ones started on charitable projects??? While I'm not concerned with adding to our numbers at this time (you guys have done such a spectacular job at this already), if you know anyone that wants to walk or haven't signed up a child or spouse or significant other that will want to join, please sign them up! We welcome them all!

    So far we have raised $695. We still have over two months before the walk, so we are off to a really great start. I am trying to see if we can get a couple of large donations from businesses. I've offered to even put their names on the back of our shirts as sponsors if we can get a nice chunk of change.

    IF we can get a couple of big sponsors, we will be having our shirts made professionally this time (and not in my spare room or your spare room!). In that case, some of the funds would be used to pay for the shirts. There are just too many of us this year for us to try and coordinate that as a DIY project.

    With this in mind, do you know a company that might want to sponsor us???? (and do you know of a tshirt place that would give us a good deal?) If so, let me know! Also keep in mind some companies do offer matching donations for such events. At least one of our walkers has already determined that her employer will match her donation, so that is a very easy way to bump up our numbers. You may notice that I raised our goal to $3000. I did this with the mindset that I will be going around to a few companies and asking for donations.

    Please do not feel that there is any pressure on you to donate or fund-raise. If you know you have a few people that would like to help us out or you feel that you can donate personally, wonderful. If not-please know that your support is what matters most to me.

    I think that wraps it up for now-you guys have a great week!

    Thanks again!!!!!!!




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